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Neuropsychological Services

How A Neuropsychological Assessment Works

The Initial Consultation

Typically an evaluation generally begins with a consultation to review developmental, medical and educational history. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know one another, clarify current concerns and to determine the best course of action.

An emphasis is also placed on clarifying the questions that have not been answered by previous evaluations and the issues that still need to be addressed. With younger children and adolescents this usually means meeting alone with parents and or referral sources. Older adolescents and young adults often attend this first meeting either by themselves, or with their parents or significant other.

It is especially important to either forward copies of previous test reports, IEP and/or relevant medical reports or bring them to the first meeting.

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If we decide that further neuropsychological, educational or psychological testing is required to answer the questions generated by the initial consultation, parents of children and adolescents as well as young adults are then asked to complete a packet of rating scales and questionnaires to provide further information about the presenting issues and level of functioning at home. For those still in a school setting, a similar packet is provided for teachers to complete.

At this time two evaluation sessions of approximately two to three hours each would then be scheduled, pending approval by the insurance company for those who elect to use their insurance coverage.


Occasionally an evaluation can be completed in one day with an hour lunch break.

Follow-up Meeting

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for approximately two weeks after the testing is completed to review the results and to discuss recommendations. Sometimes a second visit is scheduled for adolescents who have a need to hear about the results but would prefer to do so without their parents present. A written copy of the report with detailed, user-friendly recommendations is usually available at that time. Dr. Hentoff is also available to consult with patients, families and school districts after the evaluation is completed. Attendance at special education team meetings is generally discussed on a case by case basis.

Testing in Specialized Areas

Occasionally there is need for a partial evaluation, such as a focused reading, writing or math evaluation, IQ testing or an assessment of emotional functioning.


These can usually be completed in a shorter period of time. Dr. Hentoff also administers IQ testing for entry into independent schools in the greater Boston area and has an excellent relationship with admissions officers.

More information about a neuropsychological evaluation can be found at 

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